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Update Season 14-2 (Rune Skill Tree)

A.  Rune Wizard 4th Former Update

1. Rune Wizard 4th Phase Quest

(1) Rune Wizard 4th Former Quest Entry

  – 4th Degrees: Majestic Lune Wizards

– The Rune Wizard characters who attained the 3 rd grade and 800 level are able to use the Rancia NPC ‘Cent’ (131, 147)

You can perform a fourth-round ex-quest.


A) Summary of the 4th Job Quest

(A) First Quest – “Qualification Test of the Cent”

– Content: Victory in one-on-one battle with NPC cent

– Reward: Stat Points – 20P


(B) Secondary Quest – “New Combat (1)”

– Content: Survive for a limited amount of time in battle with Deep Dungeon’s ‘Larger’, ‘Skeletal Warrior’, ‘Cyclops’ monster

– Reward: Stat Points – 30P


(C) Third Quest – “New Combat (2)”

– Content: NPC cent, win in a limited time in battle with a deep dungeon monster

– Reward: Stat Points – 50P, Gray Roll of Oblivion


B. Rune Wizard Skill Enhancement Tree

1. Skill Enhancement Tree

1) Using the skill enhancement tree

- The Rune Wizard character who completed the 4th turn can open the skill enhancement tree through [Ctrl + A].

- Skill Reinforcement Tree You can strengthen your desired skill by using the skill points that you acquire when you level up after completing your 4th transition job.


2. Configuring the skill enhancement tree

(1) Magic Arrow Enhancement skill – Enhanceable debuff (freeze / poison)



(2) Plasma Ball Strengthening skill – Reinforceable debuff (freeze / shock)


(3) Lightning Storm Enhanced Skill – Reinforceable debuff (bleeding / poisoning)


3. Other

1) Debuff options and debuff explosions, passive options are common to all classes and are the same as before.

Posted14 / 06 / 2019

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