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Welcome to EPICMU Season19 Part 1-3 X500 Gaming project! 
Receive Coins & Ruud from Invasions, Events, BOSS and Play2win Farm Server!
Join us to evolve your character fast and enjoy our gameplay!
We are a LongTerm Project, always UPDATE, no WIPE!

Server Details:
Version: Season 19 Part 1-3
Experience: x500
Reset Reward: 500 Points + 10 Coins + 1.000 Ruud + 500 GP (Click here)
Grand Reset Reward (500 Resets): Clear Resets,Stats,Receive: 2.500 Coin + 250.000 Ruud (Click here)
Extra Benefit per Reset & Grand Reset: Receive Bônus every specific Reset (Click here

- ANTILAG System (Control+H)
- Titles System (H)
- Invasions Manager (J)
- BOSS Respawn (Access Menu and Click!)
- AntiCheat & Active Team to Ban Abusers!
- Guides to Read Everything About Game

- MOSS Gambler Event
- Monster Soul Daily Quests & Reward
- Vote Reward System (Farm GP every Vote!)
- Receive Ruud Playing (Via Reset/GR/Invasions/BOSS/Events)
- Receive Coins Playing (Via Reset/GR/Invasions/BOSS/Events)
- Farm Coins via Events (Quests, PvP Matchs, Tag, Survivor, etc)

Season17 Updates:
- New Character Lemuria
- New Character Kundun Mephis
- Magic Gladiator new Skills + Weapons
- New Mount Ryan (Blue and Gold)
- Pentagram & Ertell Mastery System
- Rework Jewel of Harmony System
- Earring of Blood (4th Update)

Season17 2-2 Updates:
- Elf Character Remake: Skills + Buffs
- New Mount Shining Tail (Normal & Rare)
- Earring of Deception (5th Update)

Season18 Updates:
- New Character Illusion Knight
- New Map Ignis Volcano
- New Invasions & BOSS in New Map
- Update Apocalypse Set Items
- Update Brilliant Weapons & Shield

Season18 2-2 Updates:
- New 6th Earring (Unity)
- New Combat Power for Knight Classes
- New Mount Giant Bear & Giant Bear [Rare]
- New Map Blood Tarkan
- New Invasions & BOSS
- New Battle Pass

Season19 Updates:
- Grow Lancer New Skill PvM
- Grow Lancer New Skill PvP
- New Map Tormenta Island
- New Invasions & BOSS in New Map
- Update Primordial Set Items
- Update Apocalypse Weapons & Shield
- New 5th Class (Quest)
- New 5th Wings + Wing Core
- New Giant Mount (Quest)
- New 5th Skill Tree

TAG & Share Event:
Go to EPIC GAMES Facebook Page (Click here!)
TAG 3 or more friends and share the Facebook Publication and Win Special Prizes!
(After Tag/Share, inbox us in facebook for we validate your prize)

- Gift 1: PET Panda
- Gift 2: Ring WW
- Gift 3: Pair of Earrings
- Gift 4: Package of Jewelry

Currently this is only one server.