How to Farm Coins?


1. Quest System:

Farm Coins in our Quests.
Check all Quests:

2. Lightning Cupom:

Every Hour, appear one Cupom inside MU.
The first Player to use it, win.

Prize: 25 ~ 100 coins (random)

Ex: Appear cupom 123TestOk ... you type: /cp 123TestOk 

And win !!! So easy xD
Good event for active players hehe.

3. Grand Reset:

After 500 Resets you can do the GR
You will receive 2.500 Credits + 250.000 Ruud per GR
*Note that when you GR you lose ALL Stats and Resets (even if you have more than 500)

4. BOSS:

Illusion of Kundun: 10 Coins (Respawn 1h)
Kundum: 20 Coins (Respawn 2h)
Medusa: 20 Coins (Respawn 2h)
Selupan: 25 Coins (Respawn 3h)
Nightmare: 25 Coins (Respawn 3h)
Lord Silvester: 30 Coins (Respawn 4h)
Core Magriffy: 30 Coins (Respawn 4h)
Lord of Fera: 40 Coins (Respawn 6h)
Nix: 40 Coins (Respawn 8h)
Deep Gorgon: 50 Coins (Respawn 12h)
God of Darkness: 50 Coins (Respawn 16h)
Hero Abyssal: 60 Coins (Respawn 20h)
Hero Schocerd: 75 Coins (Respawn 20h)
Hero Red Icarus: 90 Coins (Respawn 24h)
Hero Temple: 90 Coins (Respawn 24h)
Hero Ashen: 100 Coins (Respawn 30h)
Hero Kethotum: 150 Coins (Respawn 36h)
Hero Kanturu: 200 Coins (Respawn 48h)
Hero Volcano: 250 Coins (Respawn 48h)

Posted15 / 03 / 2022

Currently this is only one server.