Characters PvP & PvM Nivelation

1. Characters Nivelation:


- We always can improve the nivelation if we did some mistake, REPORT TO US!
- Nivelation was made for mid-high chars, it means low chars in a 'beginning-server' may not be
- Nivelation was made for BOSS (Target), it means some chars may have more Damage in Spot
- Nivelation was made for Damage-Second, it means some chars may have more Single Damage
ex: I hit 300k critical and you get 100k, but with 1min test, both DPS will be nearly in a ONE Target

- PvP Based on SD Defense. Use Shield Potions (Complex to protect your character on battle!)
- Manticore Weapon Bônus: 15% Damage one-hand weapon ; 25% Bônus two-hand weapon
(Yes, big difference using Silver Heart vs Manticore, evolve your weapon!)

Example of Skill Tree Ext distribuation:

*Sword Blow (Ruud)
Good Build? 40% Strenght, 20% Agility, 40% Energy (Ex: 7k str + 4k agi + 7k ene)

*Meteor Strike (Ruud)
Good Build? 30% Agility, 70% Energy (Ex: 6k agi + 10k ene)

*Damage Buff + Elemental Damage Buff + Dex Booster + Infinity Arrow
*PvP Skill: Holy Bolt (Ruud) (One-Target Skill)
*PvM Skill: Raining Arrow (Ruud)
Good Build? 100% Agility

*Chaos Blade (Ruud) ~> Knight Gladiator for PvM and PvP (Range in Helper = 3)
*Havok (Ruud)  ~> Wizard Gladiator for PvM (Spots) (Range in Helper = 4)
*Dark Blast (Ruud)  ~> Wizard Gladiator for PvM (One Target) and PvP
Good Build? 60% Strenght/Energy, 40% Agility (Ex: 9k str + 7k agi)

Dark Lord:
*Wind Soul (Ruud Skill) 
Good Build? 50% Strenght, 40% Agility, 10% Energy (Ex: 8k str + 7k agi + 2k ene)

*Berserker Buff
*Darkness Buff + DeathSide Skill (only work with a book) (Goblin Point Skill) 
Good Build? 30% Agility, 70% Energy (Ex: 6k agi + 10k ene)

*Spirit Hook (Ruud)
Good Build? 40% Agility, 60% Vitality (Ex: 6k agi + 10k vit)
(We did nivelation on Spirit Hook because DarkSide with highspeed makes ONE-SHOT on PvP - We fixed!)
(Althought, in 32k Stats Server, DarkSide still a Good Skill for PvP System!)

*WRATH Buff + Obsidian Buff (Wrath = 50% damage)
*Shining Peak
Good Build? 40% Strenght, 60% Agility (Ex: 7.5k str + 9.5k agi)

Rune Wizard:
*Lightining Storm (Ruud)
Good Build? 30% Agility, 70% Energy (Ex: 6k agi + 10k ene)

*Pierce Attack (Ruud) 
Good Build? 60% Strenght, 40% Agility (Ex: 10k str + 7k agi)

Gun Crusher:
*PvP Skill: Busting Flare (Ruud) (One-Target Skill)
*PvM Skill: Ice Blast (Ruud)
Good Build? 40% Agility, 60% Energy (Ex: 7k agi + 10k ene)

White Kundun:
*Spearstorm (Ruud) for PvM and PvP

*Damage Buff + Defense Buff
*Ultimate Force (Ruud) for PvM and PvP
(Extra: In Helper (PvM), you can use 'Unleash Marvel' as 2nd Skill every 10s)

When some party have Lemuria & White Kundun, this party get extra buff.
- All Party members receive 5% extra damage
- Lemuria & White Kundun receive 10% extra damage

Party with Kundun + Lemuria + Knight
--> Knight Receives 5% extra damage
--> Lemuria Receives 10% extra damage
--> White Kundun receives 10% extra damage




Posted18 / 03 / 2020

Currently this is only one server.