Arca War PvP Event

Arca War:

Arca War is a PvP Event, that needs strategy to win.
The basis of Event is same than Crystal Battle and Castle Siege.
You need stamp/tank (dont get killed), wait some time, seal, defend, and be the last one on defense when event ends.

1. Schedule:

- Arca War every Saturday, before Crystal Battle, at 10:00 (GMT-3) -> Duration 30 min

Guild Master Sign of Lord Register: All days until 00:02 (GMT-3) of Saturday
Guild Master Confirmation: 00:02 ~ 09:00 (GMT-3) of Saturday
Guild Members Confirmation: 09:01 ~ 09:50 (GMT-3) of Saturday
Event Starts: 10:00 (GMT-3) of Saturday
Event Ends: 10:30 (GMT-3) of Saturday

2. How to Register your Guild?

2.1 - During the Week, the Guild Master need goes to the NPC Protector, Sir Lesnar, in Devias (204,61) OR (240,59) and click on Option 7, to register the Sign of Lord (same than castle siege).

2.2 - At Saturday, between 00:02 ~ 09:00 (Server Time), the Guild Master need back to NPC Protector and 'Confirm' his Guild Register, on Option 2.

2.3 - At Saturday, between 09:00 ~ 09:50 (Server Time), the Guild Members need goes to NPC Protector and 'Confirm' their registration to Play the Event, on Option 3.
*Pay attention on this, in all PvP Events (Castle Siege and Crystal Battle), only the Guild Master need register, all guild is included on Event. On Arca War is different, the Guild Member that does not register, cannot play the event. It means the guys that appear at last minutes of event wont be able to play it.

2.3 - At Saturday, 09:51 (Server Time), the Event Entrance will be enable. In the same NPC Protector, click to 'Enter the Arca War' at Option 5.

2.4 - Make your party, Stay near the 'Battle-Gate' (Press TAB to know where it is) and wait 10:00 (Server Time), when the Event Starts.

3. How to Play?

- When Event Starts, you will need to join one of the two Battle-Gate (Alkmar or Ubaid) and walk until the 'Tower'.

- You need break the Tower to be the Defensive Guild. The Tower have a Defensive Seal that only are disable when you hold the '3 Switchs'
(Same than Castle Siege, when you need hold 2 Switchs for the 'Crown Seal' get disable and the Guild Master get enable to seal his guild on defense)

- You need be above the Switch, in the right coordinate, if you move, the Tower will be not able to get killed again.
(Same than Crystal Battle, when you cannot move, just tank, or stop the seal of the guild)

- The last guild in defense when the Event Ends, will be the Winner

- Switchs Coordinates:
*Alkmar => (89,58) + (84,30) + (104,36)
*Ubaid => (175,102) + (192,110) + (200,96)

- Tower Coordinate:
*Alkmar => (89,41)
*Ubaid => (188,101)

4. Tips:

- Its a 'Guild' Event, it means your alliance can play alone vs your guild (Different than Castle Siege) when Alliance play together.

- You dont need win 2 Gates, so better focus in one to have the Buff during the Week.
*We have 2 Gates that Event Works, 'Alkmar' and 'Ubaid', decide before the event start which gate your guild will play.

- You can move to any map and goes to the NPC again and 'join the battle' if the Guild change the strategy and will to another gate fight.

- The Guild Master works like a 'Castle Siege Life Stone'.
What does it means? That when people join the Battle-Gate, they will move automatically to the Guild Master.
*The Tip is: Let the Guild Master find a place near the Battle before joining the Gate-Battle, after they find it, people join and moves automatically to him and fight all together.

- When people get killed, they get a 'Debuff', with this debuff, you move slowly for 2 minutes.
*If you join the Battle-Gate during debuff, you not be able to move directly to your Guild Master

5. Prizes:

- Winner Guild receives 50% Extra Experience Buff (In All Server!)
- Winner Guild received Ancient DROP from Monsters/Spots (In All Server!)


Posted12 / 09 / 2022

Currently this is only one server.