NEW X1000

NEW X1000

ANTILAG; 3D Cam; Minimizer Hotkeys

Anti-LAG Hotkeys:

F6 => Enable/Disable Skill Effect
F7 => Enable/Disable Item Drop Effect
F8 => Disable Entire Anti Lag System
CONTROL + F8 => Enable/Disable Equipped Items Rendering
SHIFT + F6 => Enable/Disable Equipped Wing Rendering
SHIFT + F7 => Enable/Disable Zen Drop Rendering
CONTROL + SHIFT + F8 => Enable/Disable Terrain Rendering Object


Camera 3D:

PAGE UP => Enable/Disable 3D Camera
PAGE DOWN => Reset 3D Camera (Back to base camera)

With 3D Camera Running
1) 2x clicks on right mouse buttom => Camera 3D mode 1 (Normal 3D)
-> Press right buttom and move to rotate
2) 2x clicks on left mouse buttom => Camera 3D mode 2 (Dynamic)
-> Fixed mode (do not have rotation)



F12 => MU get minimized near computer's clock
Click to restore.


Posted16 / 03 / 2021

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